Thursday, May 15, 2008

urge to ejaculate; it causes another "shortcircuit" and helps cool the passions.

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Sucking in the breath through the rolled-up tongue also has a cooling and stabilizing effect. Tantric teachings outline the same ejaculation- control techniques as Taoism, with the exception of the use of the Ping-i (acumeridian above the right breast). The main emphasis of Tantra is on the need to learn control over breath and thought. Since Yogic sex presupposes a thorough practical knowledge of breath control (Pranayama) and meditation, it is not surprising that specific external devices are rarely mentioned. However, one special feature is the emphasis given to anal sphincter control, which, when perfected, creates the same effect as applying pressure to the region between the scrotum and anus. Anal sphincter control is a technique of Kundalini Yoga that consists in repeated constriction of the muscles around the anus, drawing up the downward-moving energies. Anal sphincter control, known as Mula Bandha, is best perfected as part of the Yoga asanas and meditation training. Some Yogic and Tantric texts emphasize a technique known as Vajroli Mudra (Diamond Seal). This is an advanced Yogic practice of drawing up liquids through the Lingam by contractions of the lower diaphragm. Such practices can be dangerous and are hardly necessary for most lovers. Other Yogic techniques known as bandhas (locks) affect retention by constriction or physical blocking of life-energy conduits. The Mula Bandha, or "Root Lock" already mentioned, is one such device. Some of the more complex Yoga asanas naturally create bandhas that aid the retentive process. Many complex sexual postures have a similar effect in controlling ejaculation. These are better discovered spontaneously during love-making than rehearsed without passion. Tantra specifies that certain love-making postures are effective in helping to control ejaculation. Sitting and squatting postures are particularly suitable, since they naturally cause sexual energy to flow upward. Difficult Tantric postures, where the man is in reverse (such as the head stand or back stand), are also used to cause sexual energy to flow back to the head center. In the versions used in sexual Yoga, the woman makes all the movements while the man maintains his posture and retains his semen. One of the most suitable of all the postures for retention is practiced with the man lying flat on his back,